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Top Wrist Watch Brands in India
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Casio Wristwatches

Casio was one of the first watch makers to offer digital wristwatches. It has come a long way. Today, Casio wristwatch collection includes digital, analog, as well as combo i.e. analog-digital wristwatches. Casio offers a huge variety of watches both for men as well as for women. Some of its best known models include Casio G-Shock, Casio Sheen, and Casio Baby-G.

The G-Shock series is designed for men and Sheen and Baby-G meet the special needs of women. Whether you are looking for a a casual watch, a sporty dial, a fashionable band, or a tough timepiece - Casio offers it all. Casio wristwatch color collection is also incredible. From black, silver, pink, blue, orange, red, white, gray, to green - you name it, this Tokyo based watch manufacturer has it all. You can buy from over 60 different watch models loaded with a variety of features.


Learn all about Casio wristwatch models, prices, and reviews at Casio Wristwatches blog.

By: Moderator1906 days ago
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Fastrack......really very nice n they have really trendy watches......I hv one of fastrack.....It's cool,trendy,stylish,'s amazing....I love my watch n more than that I love fastrack.....Keep Smiling.... :)


By: karen1669 days ago

Brand doesn't matter to me so long as it keeps correct time.

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By: Carmen1687 days ago

For me, it is rolex. it has what it takes to be a good watch.


By: Susan1696 days ago

 With more watches being produced more than ever in many designs, it's the perfect time to find a watch that suits your needs.

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By: conie1746 days ago

I think TITAN, because it's so nice, and it is also available in lot of designs. you can also get a gift, 

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By: maknor1859 days ago

Sounds good!! I am planning to gift this brand watch to my brother on his birthday.Mojoblast

By: Calvin1874 days ago
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