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The festival of lights, Diwali falls on October 28 this year. Celebrated by people of many faiths throughout the World, the mega-festival is a time for fun and joy.

The festival has its origins as a harvest festival, marking the last harvest of the year before winter. Indian society has been traditionally an agrarian one and for centuries economy has revolved around agriculture. Perhaps, that's why Deepavali marks the begining of the New Year for most businessmen as they begin a new accounting year after closing accounts. All Hindus pray to Goddess Lakshmi(the deity of wealth), for showering her blessings and wishing for a good year ahead.

 Deepavali has many legends associated with it, the chief one(in North India) being that the occassion marks the the homecoming of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after a 14 year exile in which he rid the earth of demons. To celebrate his return, brightly lit lamps(deep) were lined up in rows(avali), turning the occassion Deep-avali. In course of time, it has been shortened to Diwali. People in south India mark it as the day Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura.

Diwali is significant for people of other faiths such as Jains and Sikhs as well. In Jainism it marks the nirvana of Lord Mahavira, while the Sikhs celebrate to mark the day their Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji, was freed from imprisonment along with 52 Hindu Kings (political prisoners) whom he had arranged to be released as well.

There are many more legends associated with Diwali, though all signify illuminating your inner self by forgetting and forgiving the wrongs done by others. You illuminate your homes with lights and the skies with firecrackers to express obeisance to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace and prosperity. Diwali for all ushers in an air of freedom, festivity and friendliness bringing about unity and instilling charity in the hearts of people.

The auspicious occasion of Deepavali is an opportunity to celebrate life and strengthen relationships. That Diwali is the largest shopping and gift-giving festival of India is proof of people making the best use of this opportunity. For many people shopping for Diwali starts as early as a month before the festival beckons.

Diwali is also a great time to be a shopper as you would most probably find discounts on almost every item be it clothes, autos, home appliances, electronic items......you name it! Even for businesses, it as an opportunity to boost their sales and increase profits and hence you find Diwali bonanza everywhere.

Exchanging Diwali Gifts with friends and family is perhaps the most important activity in the social sphere during this time. Gifts range from sweets, puja thalis, dry fruits, homemade chocolates, diyas, candles, wall hangings, home decor items, gift hampers, jewellery, apparels, flowers and cakes to latest gizmos such as mobile phones, mp3 players and other electronic items.

In this fast shrinking world, presenting Diwali Gifts to your near and dear ones staying away from you is not difficult anymore. There are many online shopping sites having a dedicated Diwali Gifts store.

Diwali may be the only occassion when everyone expects a gift and hence exchanging Corporate gifts is considered a necessity now. For corporates Diwali presents a unique occasion of expressing gratitude and appreciation to its employees and associates. Almost every employer is seen distributing corporate gift hampers, gift baskets, designer gift boxes, pen sets, diaries, watches, perfumes, mobiles and the like just before Divali. For Business establishments, the time is apt to thank existing customers and clients by means of a Diwali Gift realizing very much that it may result in contiued support from them in future!

As I said everyone expects a Diwali Gift and likewise you also need to fulfill the expectations of a Deepawali Gift from every one in your social sphere! We just discussed a few Diwali Gift ideas for individuals as well as corporates.

Which Diwali Gift have you been wondering about, lets hear from you and compile a compreshensive list of Deepavali Gift ideas right here.

Who knows, we may end up getting the exact Diwali Gift item we wished for here, this Deepavali!

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