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Air Conditioners (ACs) have re-defined the home comfort. In simplistic terms, these home appliances are designed to replace the hot air in a room with nice cool and fresh air. AC's allow you to control the room temperature, humidity, and the air quality making living in hot climate very comfortable and healthy.



Not too long ago, i.e. about a decade back, Air Conditioners at home were considered a luxury item. Buying an Air Conditioner was certainly beyond aam aadmi's (common man's) imagination. People just prayed and hoped that the summers don't get severe and long. A table or ceiling fan, or at best an air cooler would suffice. An AC  was considered an expensive purchase for most middle class households in India and having it at home remained a far stretched dream. Not any more! This is one "luxury item" everyone wants to lay their hands on now. It's not very difficult to find the reasons behind this change in mindset.

Low AC Prices: The prices for Air Conditioners have diminished and technological innovations have made ACs of the day energy efficient, less noisy, lighter. One can buy a good quality Window AC starting at Rs. 10,000 and a Split AC at Rs. 20,000. It's this price drop that's the biggest factor driving AC sales throughout India.

Compact Size: AC's no longer big monsterous hardware units that hung outside the buildings. A modern AC is sleek and stylish. The slimmed down versions of the today don't look ugly on the walls or windows. Designer versions even enhance the decor of the room they are installed in. 

More than just an AC: An Air Conditioner at home apart from controlling the temperature also keeps a check on relative humidity while taking care of room ventilation and air distribution.

Easy Installation & Low Maintenance: The AC installation has become painless and the maintenance cost is also well within the reach. You no longer need to call in 10 experts to get the job done. Self regulatatory, self cleansing technologies have increased the lifespan of the ACs. They can withstand very high temperatures and voltage fluctations requiring minimal maintenance.

Secrets Unvieled: Buying an AC is no longer difficult. The information is available on the web as to which AC brand, size, or price is good for one. Consumers can research online/offline, compare AC prices and AC reviews before making a purchase



The rising temperatures due to global warming have increased the AC demand worldwide. And this has compelled AC manufacturers to bring a variety of air conditioners to the market. When you consider buying an AC, you'll find the available variety of air conditioners to be overwhelming. Models from various brands range in size, sophistication, features and price.



There are many AC brands that consumers can choose from. Some of the big and popular names include -



The popular Air Conditioner models in India include:



Visit AC Prices on TolMol for more brands and models.



Once you have decided upon the type and the brand of an air conditioner, you will have to take into account your own needs based upon the size of you room. A basic familiarity with the AC terminologies is always helpful:

  • British Thermal Unit (BTU): This is the standard measure of heat energy. Manufacturers classify the size, or capacity, of an air-conditioning unit in terms of Btu/h.  
  • Cooling Capacity: Most air conditioners are rated in BTU per hour (British Thermal Unit) or by tonnage. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTU per hour. It depends upon various factors such as average ambience temperature, the size of the room, the number of people present, exposure of the walls to sunlight etc
  • Compressor Types: The compressor is the air conditioner's most important component. It helps in the cooling process and can be of three types: reciprocating, rotary and scroll.
  • Energy efficiency ratio (EER): It's the ratio of its cooling capactiy to the electricity it consumes under standard operating conditions. The higher the EER ratio, the better chance you have against getting a helluva electricity bill!


That was just a list of common terms in the AC world. The TolMol AC buying guide will cover all the related terminology to bring every bit of information at your finger tips and help you in making an informed buying decision. We'll discuss all the following in this buying guide:


Additionally, we'll cover features you need in an AC, features(Bells & Whistles) you can do without, and comparison of Air Conditioner specs across different Brands.

Join this group to be the first one to learn about the latest AC models launched and new technology innovations in the Household Air Conditioning segment.

If you have any question about buying Air Conditioners, please post it on the wall below. 

For detailed information on various Air Conditioner Brands and Models, visit our Air Conditioner Blog.

Buying an AC isn't simple but it's not hard either if you have the right information.


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