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Durga Puja this year begins on 5th October(Sashthi). As is widely believed, on Maha-Sashti(the day of Bodhon), the Mother Goddess descends on Earth before returning to her abode after Bijoya Dashami. The Puja Pandals which house Maa Durga idols(after sthapana) for the four days of Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Nabami and Dashami before immersion invite one and all to come and seek blessings from Mother. Modern Pandals(and the Mandaps) showcase some of the most intricate and fine designs executed in an elaborate and grand manner. In fact setting these up involves  a lot of creativity and skills as you can find them exquisitely decorated by lights, flowers and paintings.

Kolkata becomes the epicentre for Durgotsab each year, where more than two-thousand pandals are set up, all clamouring for the admiration and praise of the populace. This most significant socio-cultural event in the Bengali society is celebrated in many other parts of India including Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and even outside India apart from West Bengal. It's also one of the major festivals in Nepal and Bangladesh.

One of the most fascinating ways of getting to know the essence of the Pujas and soak in the festival spirit is the reletively recent concept of 'pandal-hopping', wherein you visit every Puja Pandal in your vicinity(or reach!) with friends and family. The concept of course encompasses dressing up, socializing with friends, family and relatives, eating mouthwatering food, singing, dancing to the beats of drums and shopping. Most pandals organize dances, music competitions and performances. For teens and youths it's time to catch up on the latest fashion trends, designer clothes, trendy footwear and catchy accessories at the stalls set up near the pandals.

 An integral part of Pujo festivities everywhere is of course expressing good wishes to loved ones by sending them delightful Shubho Bijoya Gifts. Businessmen cashing in on the festival spirit everywhere announce sales, discounts, free gifts etc on most of their offering. These days even Online shopping sites stock items specifically for Durga Puja, to enable Indians worldwide to exchange Durgotsab Gifts.

Since quite long, the tradition of wearing new clothes during Pujo has been followed. Hence, gifting clothes to children and adolescents during Debi Pokkho is a norm in Bengali families.  Even elders gift each other accessories and clothing items. For the ladies it's got to be Sarees and they have a wide range to choose from amongst Bengal cotton (Tat), silk, handloom etc. Jewellery is the other heavily gifted item for womenfolk during this time. Traditional men like to receive kurtas and dhotis as gifts. Sweets and food items constitue the other favorite gift items apart from clothes since you can find at least a thousand varieties of sweets. Of late people have started gifting puja items, decorative pieces, electronic items and  home appliances also for Durga Puja.

Well, these are just a few and I know there must be many more gift ideas in your mind. So, what would you like to receive as Durga Puja Gift this year? Also, what do you plan to gift your loved ones this Durga Puja?

Lets hear from you and see which other Durga Puja Gift ideas we all come up with!

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