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Indian television market has matured over the years with world’s best manufacturers offering their most enriched and latest range of TVs to successfully cater to the demands of the Indian consumers. An average Indian buyer fully understands what he is looking for in a television and the market more often than not is able to live up to his expectations. He not only knows what he would prefer to watch on his television be it family soaps, sports, reality shows or news but he also knows which television brand whether Samsung, Sony or LG he would pay to watch all these on.    

Considering the unlimited size and ever expanding nature of Indian television market and the diversity in terms of consumer tastes and preferences it is but natural that Indian market perhaps has more than its fair share of television brands. But even among so many options there are some brands which clearly stand out and can proudly claim to be India’s top TV brands.    

Indian Consumer Preferences and Trends

The success of any TV brand in India like in any market in the world is a direct fall out of the ability of that brand to effectively meet the needs of the target audience. The most crucial deciding factor for a large majority of Indian households still happens to be the congruence between price of the TV and their designated budget for the same. In spite of that the interesting fact is that close to 50% of the Indian households have a TV set of their own and the percentage is constantly rising.

Among CRT, LCD and other varieties of TVs the clear choice of the Indian consumer is CRT TVs which literally dominate the market with almost 90% of the market share. But with changing tastes and increase in paying capacity there is a constant increase in the share of the LCD televisions which has become the first choice of those who can afford it. As for the other technologies like PDP, these still have a lot of catching up to do.

Top TV Brands  

Indian television market on one is dominated by world renowned brands like LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic whereas on the other is witnessing resurgence of domestic brands like Videocon. The combination of all this has led to a healthy competition between the brands which has resulted in better options for the users. All these brands have managed to carve their own space in the huge market that India is. Though their respective shares keep fluctuating from season to season and year to year, they have been enjoying more or less fixed relative market positions.

The top slot for a long time has been a battle between the two South Korean giants, Samsung and LG Electronics as far as the CRT TV market overall TV market is concerned. But in the context of LCDs Sony has been able to give a close competition to both off them and has been closing in on the top slot quite aggressively. With the dynamics of Indian television market changing and preferences of users also under constant evolution the war between the various TV brands is definitely going to spice up and would help the Indian users get far better options in future.


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