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Quran Mobile Enmac MQ3500 - Connection to Quran 24/7

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The Quran Mobile Enmac MQ3500 is the first of its kind mobile handset to be launched in the India market. introduced it to Indian consumers on November 21, 2011. The phone is already receiving great reviews. Why not? It’s a handset that meets a very basic human need - connecting better to one’s faith and religious teachings.

So far we have seen mobile phones dedicated to Social Networking, Professional Productivity, Gaming, Entertainment etc. But Enmac MQ3500 offers all of that and more. It provides a convenient way to stay connected with Quran and other Islamic content 24/7.

Enmac MQ3500 Quran Mobile is a Dual SIM GSM Handset that comes in black color. It’s a very light phone to hold and carry around conveniently. The design is simple and elegant. The keys are labeled in Arabic and English. The interface supports multiple languages including English. The navigation and function of the phone are easy to use.

The highlight of the phone is that it contains complete Quran – not just a bunch of verses. And not just text but complete Quran recitation by 7 famous Qaris of the world that you can listen to anytime. Plus, the recitation is translated in whopping 29 languages including English, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, and Malyalam. You can read the translation in your favorite language. To make reading fascinating, phone supports beautiful fonts. These features of Enmac MQ3500 empower you to access Quran anytime anywhere. It’s amazing to see how technology can connect us to our very roots.

The young generation today is highly “mobile”. They want everything at their finger tips. Keeping kids loyal to cultural values and religious teachings is an uphill task for parents at large. So devices such as Quran Mobile come handy for parents to have their kids voluntarily follow the traditional values. Enmac MQ3500 undoubtedly makes the best gift parents can give to their children. When the kids are on Facebook, Twitter, or generally entertaining themselves the phone will automatically remind them of prayer time. Kids will love it too because access to Tafseer along with Quran recitation makes the teachings so simplified and enjoyable for them.

The phone also features Islamic calendar Hijri, global prayer times, and qibla direction. Regardless of where you are it can assist you in finding the local prayer time, something that you can adjust as well, and the direction in which to pray.

It also comes loaded with many applications such as Zakat Calculator, Tasbeeh Counter, Dua Album, 99 Names of Allah, and Hajj Guide. The phone is equipped with GPRS and has an inbuilt Qibla Direction feature that indicates which direction you should be praying towards, given your current geographical location.

Another neat feature of Enmac MQ3500 is that it automatically goes in silent mode while you are praying in Masjid(Mosque). You can schedule your prayer time and the handset will not only alert you but also automatically switch to silent mode so that you can have peaceful time while praying.

Apart from being a religion focused, the mobile phone comes packed with popular multimedia features such as FM Radio, MP3 Player, WAP, Voice Recording, Camera with Video Recording and Playback features. It features a 2 inch TFT LCD screen and soft keypad. The slim design of the handset makes it easy to hold. It’s shipped with handsfree and Qibla compass among other things.

The Quran Mobile Enmac MQ3500 shines in the category of faith focused mobile phones. It’s a must have device for anyone looking to stay connected to Quran while being high-tech and mobile.

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