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Bing searching for its PAGE rank

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With the launch of new search engine Bing, Microsoft has proved yet again that accepting failure is not in its fiber. As long as there exists a Google, Microsoft must rise (be it from ashes) and challenge its existance. Even if it fails, it would be second only to Google, the Search God. Being second, given the size of the search pie, is not a bad PAGE (Positioned After Google Engine) rank for Bing.


Google has been dominating the search market for around a decade now. The absence of a formidable competitor, has given Google a free and all-clear road to speed ahead. Microsoft made many futile attempts to stop Google's meteoric rise but the giant kept on becoming bigger and stronger. Many Google killer startups also hit the headlines along the way but fizzled out before completing their story for Google has grown way beyond what a fresh idea with limited resources can threaten. It has become a habit for internet users around the world (well, you can exclude China). Motivating people to even look at some other solution is like asking a right handed person to start eating with the left hand. Why should one need another search engine? Google may not always know what on earth its users are searching for (as per CEO Eric the company is working on that)  but it still is perceived as the ultimate solution - The Search God!

The only company that has the ambition, wit and resources to give Google some sleepless nights is Microsoft. Competition is an essential element for the industry's well being. It's dangerous, if not fatal for the industry, to have just one company in an extreme dominant position in any space. For once, the re-launch of Microsoft's search solution in the form of was widely received with positive vibes.

Generally, anything that comes out of Microsoft's kitchen is trashed by observers and analysts. But Bing brought some change in everything it touched. An all time Google fan like me was willing to check it out, and openly appreciate what I liked about it instead of being God biased. It may have to do with Yahoo's unfortunate slide as well. Industry watchdogs desperately wanted to see a Google challenger, if not a Google killer.

Bing is off to a banging start. Microsoft's goal was to become number 2 search engine (currently, it's 3rd after Google and Yahoo) in 5 years. If Bing holds tight to its momentum, promotion to 2nd place is binged!

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By: Guruvi  2351 days ago

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Google may be the search God today but there is nothing in this world that's permanent. I hope that the likes of Twitter and Facebook will erode into Google's marketshare one way or the other. Having a single monster is too dangerous for the market. Google may have followed a "do no evil" policy but being the only commanding player in search is evil enough. I would like to see more Bings and Bangs from the daring companies like Microsoft. It's not good for any field to have just one or two players as they then tend to milk it on their terms.

By: Mobile2333 days ago


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