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Apple iCloud - What is it all about

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The software giant Apple recently launched iCloud. It stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, etc. and pushes them wirelessly to all your devices automatically. Imagine a scenario – You go out with your kids and spouse for the day and click some really cool photos with your iPhone. When you come back, you wish to flip through the photos on your iPad. Before iCloud, you would somehow need to transfer the pictures from your iPhone to your iPad. But with the advent of iCloud, all this is unnecessary. Just come back home and start flipping through the photos in your iPad. Now, that’s iCloud for you!

Basically, what happens is that when an iCloud user takes a photo or saves a document with an Apple device, that file is instantly uploaded to iCloud over either Wi-Fi or the cellular network. The other Apple devices of the person concerned then automatically download the file as soon as possible. Contacts and calendar items will behave in the same way. Further, users will get five gigabytes of free storage for documents, mail and apps. iCloud offers a wide range of capabilities, such as automatic synchronising of iTunes, calendar and contacts data between devices, and one-click pushing of the same content to any new Apple device that is registered to the user account.

Apple’s rivals such as Google, etc. are more cloud-aware than Apple is. So, what prompted Apple to develop and launch iCloud? The basic reason is that in Apple's world, apps still need to reign supreme, or it risks falling well behind its more cloud-aware rivals, so iCloud is all about enhancing the apps experience by using the cloud for a vast array of synchronization and content management functions. Music ripped from CDs will also find a home in iCloud, with future versions of iTunes, for a flat rate of $24.99 per year. It will scan music files and then offer up high-quality replacements from the iTunes store. Music purchased on iTunes will also automatically appear on every Apple device associated with a person's Apple account. It will be possible to selectively download previously purchased music to any device, too. Further, the “scan-and-match” capability will allow users to stream any song in their library without uploading their music. Many analysts believe that iCloud may allow users to watch streaming TV shows and movies also some time in the future.

iCloud would also be a great boon for professionals. Various apps assist the user to create quality reports, presentations, etc. with their iOS device. Now, apps can store that info in iCloud. This means that one can access one’s documents (the latest updated versions) irrespective of the device one happens to be using at the time. What’s even more amusing is that all this happens automatically with no effort on user’s behalf. So, you’re making a report at office and its evening already. Just switch off your iOS at office and come home and fire up your tablet PC at home. You’ll be pleased to find your report on your tablet PC exactly like it was just before switching off your computer at the workplace.

Now, that’s pretty good, isn’t it? Further, iCloud is already seamlessly integrated with Apple iWork apps. So you’ll be able to paint a masterpiece, create reminders, edit stock lists, etc. and all of this is automatically made available to all your devices. 

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By: Jatin  1631 days ago

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