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How to create a new svn project in Linux

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To create a new project in svn, first of all you need to have permissions. Generally, root user or managers have the rights to create brand new svn project.

Step 1: Create an empty new svn project

  • cd to [SVN-ROOT] (Example: cd /usr/local/svn)
  • svnadmin create MyNewProject (Here replace MyNewProject with the actual name of your new project)

This will create a brand new empty project in svn

Step 2: Adjust the permissions

  • chown -R user:user [SVN-ROOT]/MyNewProject (replace user with root or whatever user should own the repository)

Step 3: Create the standard subdirectories like trunk/branches

  • cd [svn-client-home] (Example: cd /home/john/projects]
  • svn co file:///usr/local/svn/MyNewProject MyNewProject (This will check out the newly created project)
  • cd MyNewProject
  • svn mkdir trunk branches tags
  • svn ci

Note: Depending upon the svn permissions, only root users may have rights to create the above folders so they must be created before any other developer can checkout/checkin stuff in the new project.

Step 3: Add more files

Now, on the checkouts and checkins to the new project should work just fine!



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