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I am a Java and Open Source fan but I have to accept that Microsoft has made developing rich web applications very easy by bringing in .Net technology.  Using C#/ASP.Net you can develop and deploy your application much faster. The comprehensive official Microsoft development documentation and developer forums (MSDN) further simplify your task.

Step 1: Download and Install Required Software/Tools

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (2003 is an old version so likely to give you trouble)
  2. Microsoft SQL 2005 Server Express (Free Download)
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (Free Download)
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express

Step 2: Create Web Application Project

Create a new Web Application type project using Visual Studio 2005.

Step 3: Create Database

  1. Right click your newly created project
  2. Select Add New Item
  3. Select SQL Database
  4. Enter the name of the database you want to create
  5. It will prompt you to create App_Data folder in your project if it doesn't already exist. Select Ok.
  6. Above step will create an empty database

Step 4: Create Database Tables

  1. Navigate to your database Tables directory in the solution database explorer
  2. Right click, and Add New Table
  3. Enter a name to your database table
  4. Add Table Column Names, Types, and add comments

Step 5: Connect to Database

You may directly bind a database/table to a page or screen. Or you could access it from a class. For having a class connect to a database you can do:

string connexnString = "Data Source=DB-NAME;AttachDbFilename=mydb.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True";SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connexnString )

You can then use the connection with SqlCommand. 

Step 6: Build & Run

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