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Due to its utility, necessity and affordability, mobile phone is one of the most ubiquitous gadgets that one finds in the world. From Sony Ericsson to Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and every other mobile phone manufacturer comes out with its own range of offerings with something new, something different and something unexpected being always the high point. And with the value added features varying from music/sound capabilities to web browsing abilities dominating user's choice, the voice call function seems to have taken more of a back seat.


But not every mobile phone comes loaded with all the features. They all have some underlying utility and other aspects for which they are designed and offered in the market. And accordingly they can be broadly classified into following categories;


Basic Mobile Phone: It is the simplest and the most original of all the mobile phones that you would see in the market. The cheapest of them all, it is sold in maximum numbers. Though with cost of technology falling and customer expectations rising most of the basic mobile phones now come with value additions like ring tone options, etc. Most of the mobile phone brands offer basic models. (Buy Mobile Phones in India)


Smartphones: These phones are for those who want a single gadget to be fully loaded so that it can serve any and every purpose - from communication to computing and from entertainment to productivity.


Smartphones do multiple tasks from email and web browsing to playing music, capturing and playing videos, storing and managing data and many other functions too. These have higher price tags but the features they offer fully justify their price. RIM's BlackBerry, Nokia's N97 and Apple's iPhone are some of the most popular smartphones. Most of the latest mobile phones fall in this category. (Find more on why one should buy a smartphone, or learn more about smartphones)


PDA Phones: Personal Data Assistant phones are the favorite companion of business executives. Running on operating systems like MS Mobile Pocket PC and Palm OS these are offered by HP, PalmOne and the likes. In fact the mobile phone market has become so demanding, dynamic and competitive that the line that divides smartphones from PDA phones is fast fading. (PDAs in India)


GSM/CDMA Mobile Phones: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) are the two most important and commonly used networking technologies and your phone would be designed to work on either. Both the technologies have their own pros and cons and same get transferred to the corresponding mobile phone. The latest innovations though have now made it possible to use both the technologies in the same mobile phone. See Dual SIM Mobile Phone for more.


Mobile phones can also be categorized as lifestyle phones, business phones, entertainment phones, gaming phones, etc. depending upon the features and consumer market segment that these may be targeting. The best thing is that you can make a mental note of what all you want in your mobile phone and you will be surprised to find that it is already available in the market.



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