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India has been the hub of mobile activity. No other market in the world has witnessed the same explosive growth. It's incredible how fast and how vast the India mobile phone market has grown. And it sees absolutely no sign of slowdown. The Nokia's, Samsung's, and the LG's of the world have made mobiles reach every nook and corner of India. Now, it's the turn of home grown (desi) mobile phones to trumpet their own volume. To steal the thunder from the big guys. To claim their share of the mobile gold and to even further expand the mine. (Also see Indian Mobile Brands)


Top Indian Mobile Brands

You can find world's every worthwhile mobile brand in India. But that was not enough. Indian consumers are now enjoying the made-in-India mobile brands. This is relatively a new phenomenon. KarbonnMobilesUntil just a couple of years ago the market was dominated by Nokia and a few other handful of mobile makers. Now they are getting competition from domestic brands. There already are many Indian mobile makers and many more may be in the making. Here are some of the top Indian mobile brands:


This list is not complete without viewing other global Mobile Brands in India that connected Indians like never before.


What makes Indian mobile brands viable and successful?

With so many global mobile brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone one wonders how a domestic, home-made, brand can be successful. But as they say no one knows the domestic market better than a domestic player. The Indian mobile makers know the needs and psych of Indian consumers very well. They design and package their mobile phones with Indians and Indian needs in mind. There are many things that make made in India mobiles stand out from the rest. Below we discuss some of these driving factors.


Low Price

What underscores every India made mobile phone is the value for money. These mobile phones are designed for India and Indians in mind. Handset price is the biggest differentiator. The bottom line is that these brands strive to offer the popular features in cheaper mobile phones and give you an option to pay for only what you need not for the hullabaloo stuff. In a price sensitive market like India there just cannot be a better strategy to woo the consumers. Also, how else would you compete with the giants like Nokia who have penetrated every segment, from low to high end, of the India mobile market? It's only natural for these new entrants to keep their mobile phone prices in attractive ranges.


Dual SIM Mobiles

Another bait that home-grown mobile brands are using is the Dual SIM option. This sounds unbelievable but apparently Dual SIM mobiles are in heavy demand in India. These mobiles embody two SIM cards. Most of these phones allow consumers to have both the SIM cards active simultaneously while in few one has to swap the cards because at a time only one can be active. Folks love having two active SIM cards as this allows them to have a mobile phone with two distinct numbers – one for work/business and other for personal use. These Dual SIM mobiles help people keep their professional and personal lives completely separate.

Dual SIM mobiles also give consumers the option to never go out of network. They can for example buy a mobile phone with CDMA and GSM SIM cards or both CMDA or GSM SIM cards and subscribe to two different service plans accordingly. If one network goes down, you have the second one to try. Something that business users would pay for any day.When consumers are offered Dual SIM option at a standard mobile phone price or even for lesser price, it genuinely becomes a compelling deal. And no one knows this better than Indian mobile makers.


Youth Centric Features

India is a young nation. You may not have figured it yet but these mobile brands know that very well. All their mobile phones are targeted at youth market. These are the school/college going kids who vie for stylish, colorful, and youthful handset to flaunt. You cannot motivate them to bye a boring box – their mobile phone better be full of life.

  • Social Media: It should have all the social media features that connect these young guys and gals with websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MSN, Gtalk, and more.
  • Music / Ring tones: You must give music at their finger tips. There has to be a quick and easy way to access and download the hottest and latest ring tones and songs.
  • Large Screen: The mobile screen must be large enough to enjoy videos upon. A touch screen is obviously more fashionable.
  • Games: Games in youth targeted mobiles are never enough. They better have all the popular games to engage the young minds.
  • Stylish Look: If the phone is meant for youth, it should look no ordinary. It must have the oomph factor that makes the buyer go weak in knees.


India mobile brands ensure that their phones ooze youth. Even a simple looking mobile phone is packed with social media features as they have become part of a youth's life.


SMS Features

SMS (texting) is immensely popular in India therefore a mobile phone targeted for this country must make it very convenient to type messages. Generally, India made mobile phones provide full keyboard giving users complete flexibility to compose large and frequent messages.Some of the India mobile makers like Spice Mobile offer free SMS packages as part of the  deal. For example, they may give you 100 free SMS's every month if you buy a specific mobile model. Deals like this are exciting for the consumers as once they buy a phone, SMS  eats up their pocket money.


Connection to Roots

Most importantly, India made mobile phones bring unique features that only an Indian manufacturer would understand. This includes features like Indian festival calendar, astrology focused applications, SMS capability in Indian languages, and more. These features connect Indians to their roots – religion, beliefs, and culture. They make the mobile handset priceless.Not to forget the cricket and Bollywood links. Cricket is almost a religion in India and Bollywood is the soul. India originated mobile brands are aware of that. They are roping in cricket players and Bollywood stars to promote their brands. They don't miss any cricket event for promotional activity. This gives them an expensive however a reliable channel to build their brands.


In summary, the mobile manufacturer in India have carved a unique niche for themselves. While the existing players continue to bolster their positions, new manufacturers are popping up every few months. The market as they say is still wide open and up for grabs. Especially, the brands like Karbonn Mobiles, Lemon, Max Mobile, and Spice Mobile are now well established. We won't be surprised if a new player arises from nowhere and leaps ahead of everyone.


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I have recently bought a karbonn mobile and i am fully satisfied with its performance. I must say that Indian mobile companies are no less than any international mobile company.MojoBlast

By: George1877 days ago

It clearly shows that India is no less than any other country when it comes to technology and other things. Bactium 

By: Sadie1928 days ago

I can guarantee you that many more Indian mobile phone brands will continue to emerge.

By: Aryan1974 days ago

I'm not sure if C-tel and Sigmatel are Indian companies.

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