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Netbooks, the new mini laptops are enticing buyers all over the world. There must be many reasons that have got the popularity of Netbooks exploding. Here are the top 5 reasons, according to TolMol, that make a Netbook outsell brother Laptop.


Netbooks are Super Portable

Netbooks are smaller in size. Their screen sizes range from 8” to 13” and they weigh around 2 pounds. We had discovered Netbook ancestors on desks but we adore the portability of Netbooks. The size reduction has made Netbooks ideal mobile internet devices. You can painlessly travel with a Netbook. It fits in any bag and weighs almost nothing. In fact, you can flip open it while walking and check your emails or browse internet without hurting any muscle.


Rise of SaaS / Cloud-Computing works for Netbooks

An increasing number of software applications and tools are getting consumed over the internet. Instead of downloading, installing, and executing heavy-weight (high processing & high memory) applications on the local computer, we are using them online on demand basis – a trend that is often referred as “Software as a Service” or cloud computing. It eliminates the requirement of having beefy computers. A Netbook with good internet connectivity and basic memory and CPU power is all what you need in this new world of cloud computing.


Netbooks Look Sexier

The reduction in dimensions and flab has transformed Laptops into sleeker and sexier Netbooks. They are small in size but extremely eye catchy. They come in bright and bold colors, and even allow owners to enhance and customize their looks by getting some artwork done on the lid.


Netbooks have Ample Memory & CPU Power

Computer makers started selling Netbooks in 2007 as cheaper alternatives to laptops. Those Netbooks of 2007 were not only smaller in size but also lacked features, memory, and computing power. Over a span of two years, the Netbooks have evolved into powerful computing machines. Some of the high-end models can beat a standard laptop. The advancements in computing technologies allow manufacturers to build cheaper Netbooks without sacrificing much on their capabilities.


Netbooks are Cheap or Could be Free!

The key reason behind Netbook popularity is the cost. You can buy the power of a standard laptop computer at a fraction of its normal cost. The price of Netbooks is so attractive that it forces anyone wanting to have a mobile internet device go weak in their knees. Some carriers would even give you the Netbook for free if you sign up a 1-2 years data-service contract with them. (Netbook price in India)


The sales of Netbooks are surging everywhere. There is a renewed focus on the part of manufacturers to build smaller yet more powerful mobile computing and internet devices. The lighter operating systems like Google Android and Linux are giving computer makers more reasons to be creative. These operating systems, unlike Windows XP, require lesser computing resources to run. Netbooks can even run on the recently launched Microsoft Windows 7 OS. If the trends are anything to go by, Netbooks are the future.


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Your post has made me think that why am I not buying a notebook. I am gonna order it right now.


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