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Every woman wants shiny nails that immediately attract attention. Dull and pale looking nails can be a major turn-off. It is no use hiding your dull nails under coats of nail paint. It is similar to hiding your not-so-good skin under layers of make-up. Once the make-up wears off, there's unhealthy skin visible for everyone. You can hide your flaws with make-up but the naked truth remains unchanged. In a similar way you can hide your pale nails under coats of the finest nail paint available in the market but you have to make efforts to make them healthy. [Hot Deals on Cosmetics and Personal Care | Buy Health & Beauty Products]

So here we present you some useful tips that will help you get healthy nails and will let you dabble in attractive nail art.

First things first when you are removing nail polish make sure to choose acetate based nail paint as they are gentle on the nails.

Remember when you retire to bed every night, make sure you apply moisturizer and keep up the hydration level in your hands and nails.

When you file your nails, make it a point to file them in one particular direction. Do not adopt the sawing method in which you file back and forth. This results in weakening the nails and they break easily.

If you are a housewife and have to do all kind of household work ranging from washing utensils, washing clothes to cleaning the bathroom, then you need to take extra care of your nails. While performing these tasks, your hands and nails will be prone to harmful detergents and washing powder. Your hands will get dry and your nails will become prone to breakage. So, while performing these inevitable tasks make sure you wear rubber gloves. This will protect your hands and nails from huge damage and keep the moisture and gentleness of your hands intact.

You must be wondering that why your nails are turning yellowish. This is a cause of concern and this has a direct relationship with your diet. You need to make your nails stronger from within so it is important that you take a balanced diet which comprises of Vitamin B and also has zinc in abundance. If white spots are visible on your nails, then it indicates a possible deficiency in zinc. Often women complain that their nails break easily. This is a result of deficiency in iron. You should consume foods rich in iron such as spinach, lentils, red meat etc. You can probably also consider cooking food in iron utensils which will give you much needed strength from iron. The amount of iron intake will shoot up by cooking in utensils made up of iron. Did you know that cooking in cat iron utensils can provides up to 80% of iron to your food? So, you need to follow this tip seriously if want strong nails.

So, with these tips, you can keep your hands and nails healthy and shining. Don't be surprised when people will shower praise on you for your sparkling nails that will outshine in every conversation with all the hand gestures you make to convey your point!

Author: Bharti Grover

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