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We have survived 2009 summer - it's almost at its end. A few more months and we'll be talking about protecting ourselves from the severe winter. It's appropriate time to welcome the discussion on Hot and Cold Air Conditioners in this blog.

The name says it all. A hot and cold AC is a package of cooler and heater in one single unit. In summers you use it to cool the temperature down and in winters to keep you warm. It's your true weather guard. The real warrior against the extreme weather.

All top AC brands in India offer hot and cold AC solutions. We'll begin our discussion with LG ACs. The company offers following models in the hot and cold AC categories.


The heating & cooling ACs are also referred as HVAC systems which stands for Heating, Vantilation, and Air Conditioning. The Air Conditioning unit is responsible for cooling the air using the principles of heat-exchange. Read Basics of Air Conditioner blog for more details on AC technology. The ventilation process changes the air by removing bacteria, dust, humidity, and other impurities. It's an important unit of the AC that maintains the air quality in an air conditioned area. The heating unit functions by heating the air using various techniques like flowing hot water through a coil that passes the heat to the air.

There are obvious advantages to buying a composite Heating and Cooling (Climate Control) systems instead of buying separate AC and Heater units. Generally, we don't like filling a room with machines only - one beast is better than two when it comes to space utilization. Fortunately, having both heating and cooling functions don't make an AC any bigger.

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Air Conditioners are the most effective and easiest way of cooling in present days.

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Thanks for this website, as it is highly informative. LG hot and cold air conditioners are called as HVAC systems. These systems can be used in <a href="http://www.cartagenahostels.com">hostel cartagena</a>, both in summers and winters. In summers cooling coil supllies the cool air and in winters the heating coil supplies the heated air to the room.

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