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Did you know that energy efficient Air Conditioner can cut down up to 30% of your utility bills?  If your AC is giving you nightmares with inflated power bills, then it’s high time you switch to an energy efficient model of the latest air conditioners. [Compare Air Conditioners | AC Prices in India | Buy AC]

Energy efficient Air Conditioners bear the Energy Star markings. The electrical appliances (read Air conditioners) marked by Energy Star are manufactured in compliance with the guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency They consume comparatively less power and save energy. Moreover, they are 14% more efficient than the non-energy star models. It is important to note the fact that Energy Star qualified central Air Conditioners boast of a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). By buying energy efficient Air Conditioners ( ACs) you can not only save on power bills, but do your bit to in creating a greener planet. The Energy Star models emit less greenhouse gas and help in curbing the irreversible damage caused to the environment.

If all the above valid reasons convince you to buy the latest energy efficient models, then read on to know about the energy efficient latest models offered by different brands. Take your pick and choose among the best of the models available.

The different brands offering energy saving Air conditioners are discussed below.

LG Air Conditioners

LG offers a wide range of energy efficient Air Conditioners. LG LW1812ER S is an Energy Star qualified window AC model. It is equipped with 3 cooling & fan speeds with auto cool feature. It provides 4-way Direction Air so you can easily adjust the air in the direction where it is required.  You can also easily control the temperature with the electronic touch controls and by just pressing one button on the remote.  This model is Energy Star qualified and has a EER of 10.7/10.7 as compared to the Federal Standard of 9.7% which is 10% better.

The other LG Energy Star qualified model we can discuss is LW80 12ER which along with advanced features such as 3 cooling & fan speeds, 4 air-way direction, power failure  Auto Start, 12 hour on/off timer, it has a EER of a 10.8 as compared to the Federal standard EER of 9.8 which makes it 10 % better in EER.

Whirlpool ACs

Another brand which you can consider buying the latest energy efficient AC is Whirlpool. The brand has created a niche itself in the home appliances market. It offers Energy Star qualified Air conditioners. You can buy WAR12G30RWO which is a energy saver model boasting of several hi-tech features including the advanced MPFI 6th sense technology, Auto Restart, Turbo/Quick Cool. The Sleep feature allows the AC to automatically adjust pace with the change in the human body. Moreover, this feature ensures optimum utilization of the AC and results in huge power savings.

If you want to buy an energy efficient split AC, you can give a serious thought to the Whirlpool Chrome V which beams with pride with 5 star ratings.  It is noteworthy that the more the number of stars out of five, the appliance is more energy efficient and Chrome beats other models by being labeled as a 5 star product.  It comes with a LCD wireless Remote control and too is embedded with the 6th sense technology along with other common but advanced features in Whirlpool ACs such as Anti-bacterial filter, filter check indicator etc.

Sharp Air Conditioners

You can further expand your search to Sharp Air Conditioners which too have earned the Energy Star label.  The Sharp AF- S120RX is an energy star rating window Air conditioner. It offers 3 cooling fan speeds and has other features such as 4 way air direction mode, 24 hour on/off timer.  The Rest Easy Remote Control enables to adjust temperature with great ease.

The AF- Q80RX is one the several energy star qualified models offered by Sharp.  This model exceeds the Federal Efficiency Standards by 10% giving you great energy efficiency along with great monetary savings.  Other USP of this AC model is that it is one of the quietest windows AC, thus giving you a peaceful performance.  It comes with Comfort Touch Controls and a Rest Easy Remote.

GE Air Conditioners

While discussing about star qualified AC, GE appliances deserve a mention too as their Air Conditioners consume 10% less energy as compared to other conventional models. Moreover, they come with GE Energy Saver feature, which automatically shuts down the compressor and the fan once it reaches the optimum level of cooling.

The AEM24DQ is a 230 volt electronic room air conditioner which scores a great 9.4 EER. It has an electronic digital thermostat and offers 3 cooling and fan speeds.  Another energy efficient model you can consider is the AJCM12DCE which boats of a 9.8/9.8 EER.  It is an Energy Star qualified Air conditioner which has an array of advanced features such as a Smart Fan switch, 24 Hour timer, and sleep auto timer, power Interruption Restart. It also provides 4 –Way air direction and has an electronic digital thermostat. Similarly, the AEM 18DQ too boasts of great energy savings. Scoring a 10.7 EER it comes with an energy saving feature and has other advanced features of the sophisticated GE Air conditioners.

There are a plenty of energy efficient models bearing the Energy Star marking available by each brand. When you scour for the latest models of Air Conditioners, make sure that you choose a model that bears the Energy Star markings. You can choose from the above mentioned brands and other plethora of reputed brands which are available online.

Buying an energy efficient Air conditioner is an easy task as you can find them online. They are offered at the best competitive prices on various shopping portals and you can make a comparison to get one for yourself at a great price.

With Energy Star labeled Air conditioners kill the irritating humidity this season, reduce your power bills, save money and in the process make your valuable contribution in creating a greener planet. 

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