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Godrej, a renowned engineering and consumer product company in India, launched a 5 star  rated EON Air Conditioner early this year that it claims can save thousands in electricity bill.

Godrej EON AC not only supports a beautiful exterior design but also uses advanced technologies to ensure power saving, noise reduction, cooling efficiency, and quality air.

L Shaped Cooling Coil

Straight shape of cooling coil provides only limited cooling surface. By turning the coil into L shape, Godrej AC creates more cooling surface thereby enhancing the cooling speed and efficiency.

The inner grooved copper tubes used as heat exchangers provide increased surface area. The grooves not only make the refrigerant flow smoothly but also aid in keeping the indoor unit small. This helps in better cooling and lesser energy consumption.

Improved Compressor

We discuss in Air Conditioner Buying Guide how important the compressor unit of an AC is. Godrej relies on a Japan made air compressor for tackling very high temperatures. The Godrej picked compressor is known for its durability. A compressor unit if goes bad, can cost you thousands of rupees. Having a reliable compressor is obviously a boon for consumers.

Anti Rust Blue Fins & Gold Fins

Heat exchangers of ACs are prone to corrosion. Oxidation of these units doesn't take much time if not guarded properly. AC manufacturers use coatings that prevent corrosion. Godrej uses unique anti rust blue fins that  keep rusting at bay, and golden coating that can withstand rain, salts, and other corrosion causing elements. Reduced corrosion improves the efficiency and durability of the Air Conditioner.        

Blow Function

Another great feature in Godrej ACs is the blow function. It keeps the indoor unit fan running for a couple of minutes event after the AC is switched off. This blows away any  residual water on the evaporator preventing fungi and mold formation on the evaporator. Traces of water is what the fungi breeds upon, eliminating them is the best way to eliminate the development of harmful bacteria.

Green Filter

Green Filter in a Godrej AC is made up of a biological enzyme and eco filter. It's designed to catch even the minutest dust particles and to neutralize other impurities that cause fungi and microbes. The biological enzyme kills bacteria to prevent the polluted air re-entering the room being air conditioned. Air pollutants and odour can cause health problems if not filtered thoroughly.

Nano Meter Catalyst Filter, Silver Ion Filter, & Active Carbon Deodoriser

The nano meter catalyst (Tio2) filter absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odours, virus, and other chemical vapors. The active carbon deodoriser specifically removes odours such as ammonia and harmful gases like formaldehyde. The silver ion filter controls the formation of bacteria. These components of Godrej EON AC leave the air fresh and clean.

Sleep Mode & On/Off Timer

The sleep mode in an AC can enhance your sleep quality even during the worst of summers. It ensures that once set, the temperature stays constant throughout the night. Temperature fluctuation after you go to sleep can make  you either too cold or too hot forcing you to wake up and re-adjust the temperature. Having an auto-temperature is the best solution however sleep mode can also make your nights comfortable.  And, it can save you electricity bill as well.

The Godrej AC comes with an in-built timer that allows users to set the off and on timing of the AC.  This again is an useful feature to avoid over-cooling especially during the night when the temperatures are lower anyway.   

Memory Function

This feature of Godrej ACs is such a blessing. Set your preferences just once and don't have to worry about losing them on power failure. AC remembers the settings and automatically resumes them when the power comes back.

Self Diagnosis, Auto Protection

Godrej ACs come equipped with an auto protection feature that switches the AC to safe mode when it detects some problem with it. The blinking LEDs  call for owner's attention to fix the problem.      

Dry Mode

When you switch the AC to Dry Mode, it works as a dehumidifier that leaves you in comfort with just the right amount of humidity in the air.

Godrej AC includes backlit remote control, convenient air-flow direction adjustment. Above all it's a 5 star rated AC that's energy efficient.

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