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Someone somewhere realized that a Window AC still needs a window, if not a hole in the wall, to nestle in. A Split AC, howsoever compact it may be still needs a wall to deliver. The thought gave birth to a brand new breed of air conditioners, the Floor Standing Air Conditioners. The name says it all. This AC is meant to stand on the floor like a caring guard breathing cool air into the room and making no fuss about it. It is also referred as Free Standing Air Conditioner or Tower Air Conditioner. Like most ACs they fall in two primary categories.

  • Commercial Free Standing ACs
  • Residential Free Standing ACs

The sleek Window ACs and Split ACs brought us an elegant and compact solution to these summers that are only getting harsher every year. I am sure many of you like me are so happy to see those big bluky sponge Evaporation (Water) Coolers evaporating from our memories. Good lord! they were not just massive in size, those beasts were annoyingly noisy too. Once you turned them on, you were pretty much at their mercy. You had absolutely no say in controling the temperature level. You simply can't compare the comfort of today's Air Conditioners with those old air conditioning solutions.

Today's Air Conditioning solutions are evolved, far more efficient, look anything but a beast, and offer much more than just air conditioning. The sizes have shrunken, the noise levels have fallen, the control be it temperature, swing, fan speed, or auto-mode is completely in your hands. And yes, you don't have to worry as much about the water supply problem either. That's the world of modern ACs. But the quest for getting even better must go on.

Floor Standing ACWhy should a cooling solution be sticking to a wall concept forever? What if you want a mobile air conditioner? Remember table fans could be moved from one table to another? Weren't they convenient. Put wherever you like, swing in any direction you like.  An AC that you can move from one place to another, and conveniently so is real cool.

Not that free standing ACs are meant for home use only but wouldn't it be nice to buy just one AC for your home and move it with you as you move from your dinining area to drawing room, from drawing room to your study or bedroom? Even if you have ACs installed in every room, a Free Floor Standing AC is still very handy.


A Floor Standing AC, if chosen right, adds to the room's elegance rather than spoiling it. Some of the Free Standing AC models can be real quiet. They usually come in 1.5 ton and higher capacities and cost anywhere between rupees 40,000 to rupees 100,000. All major AC brands offer Free Standing AC models. Below is the popular list of floor standing air conditioners.

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