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Carrier is one of the renowned brands in home comfort solutions. The company offers Home Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration solutions among various other products. Its Durakool Star Hi Wall series of Air Conditioners are hailed as energy efficient ACs that can handle extreme climatic conditions.

Carrier Durakool Star AC’s are designed specifically to handle extreme temperatures of Indian summers. The AC series uses rotary compressor technology that can withstand up to 50 degrees Celcius temperature. It ensures that even when the temperature wavers around its peak, the unit continues to function effectively.

Most Air Conditioners also act as air cleansing systems. They utilize various filtering technologies to remove harmful elements from the air. The Durakool Air Conditioners employ an advanced filter technology. The dust filters of a Durakool Star AC trap dust particles leaving the air fresh and clean. They are designed to capture even the big dust particles. The dust filters are washable so you can avoid them becoming dark and ugly after some time. The AC also features an electrostatic fiber filter that’s designed to trap smoke, fur, and dust. And the Active carbon filter removes unpleasant odors from the air. These filters combined ensure that the air you breathe in is clean and healthy.Nothing is more uncomfortable than a hot and humid summer. The Carrier Durakool Star AC gets rid of the humidity by removing excess moisture from the air.

The AC’s also offer Turbo Mode, a feature that enabled the unit to direct a heavy amount of cool air into the room and bring its temperature down quickly. This mode is very useful when you come from outside and want to turn your room into a comforting den quickly.

The Durakool Air Conditioners can be operated via a remote control that sports a nice LCD panel displaying all the vital information such as which modes are active, time of the day, temperature setting etc. The Durakool Star AC also includes Auto Swing and Auto Fan Speed features that automatically adjust the swing and fan speed of the AC. In the auto mode, AC adjusts the temperature gradually depending upon the body temperature. The on/off timer feature allows to automatically turn the AC on or off at a preconfigured time. The AC also comes with Auto restart feature so when power returns after an interruption you don’t have to look for a remote to turn your AC on. It gets turned on automatically for you.

The remote control of the Durakool AC’s is easy to use. It supports clearly marked buttons for various AC settings and operation modes. These Air Conditioners are available in 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton capacity ensuring there is an AC for every room. For a medium sized room 1 ton capacity AC is sufficient. (See which AC is right for me for more). The cooling capacity ranges from 12700 BTU to 22083BTU. 1 and 1.5 ton ACs are rated 5 stars whereas the 2 ton AC is rated 4 stars.  Net weight of the indoor unit ranges from 9 KG to 17 KG.

Carrier also offers industrial cooling solutions. The company offers good quality home comfort solutions and that’s the reason it has built a reliable brand for itself. 

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